Rye Technology

Cyber Security Risk Mitigation

Information Protection – Privacy not Secrecy

The Company

At Rye our vision is to assure safety and privacy for information around the world. We achieve this by continually researching the best-in-class cyber security products then integrating them into a coherent, supported ecosystem.

We maintain strong advisory working relationships with our clients in Government, Business and trade bodies, and deliver our solutions in an ethical, honest, reliable and flexible manner.

Our core competencies

Database technology

We can unleash the world’s fastest databases for you, capable of millions of transactions per second without expensive hardware.

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Network protection

We offer information security at the lowest network communication layers. Philosophy: if hackers can’t see it, they can’t attack it.

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Leading edge encryption

Securely transmit data without the overhead of key management: we offer one-time-use keys for end-to-end communication.

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